i'm Kelly, i'm 19 and white and im probably procrastinating.

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Legends are carved across history by the brave.

Mon, 22nd September  661


more jacks

Mon, 22nd September  46
there is never enough jack; awww look at that crown tho how adorable; i need to draw jack soon hmmm;


Mon, 22nd September  2978
  1. feasts said: mine is just straight up bad. i dont care anymore though

im getting there lmao. theres just a few more things i wanna do but i’m gonna do them tomorrow in between classes

Mon, 22nd September
  1. feasts said: mine is so fucking bad idc anymore. im gonna turn in a piece of trash tomorrow

im right there with u buddy. it looks better than i thought it would but still really shitty

Mon, 22nd September  1

im still working on this project aaaand it still looks like shit 

Mon, 22nd September  1
trash post; im over it now;

Rapture can become your city as well. ~

Mon, 22nd September  2556
home sweet home; every new photoset of rapture makes me so happy;

Destiny // Skybox Timelapse

Mon, 22nd September  902
damn this beautiful game;

Destiny // Legendary Warlock

Mon, 22nd September  168
the dream omg; maybe one day; oc stuff;

Time by Pink Floyd from "Dark Side Of The Moon" Album


Pink Floyd | Time

Mon, 22nd September  152
music; bless this song;
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